Meet the RITYP E-Board and Governing Board

President: Liz Bremer
Vice President: Kristi Mitchell
Secretary: Dawn Murray

Treasurer and 
Marketing Committee Co-Chair: Jessica Small
Governance Committee and 
Social Committee Co-Chair: Katie Beczak
Governance Committee
Nilay Saprio

Marketing Committee: Don Denz
Marketing Committee: Nancy Dimock
Marketing Committee: Sarah Geiss

Marketing Committee Co-Chair: Stephanie Haynes

Marketing Committee: Kristin Peres

Marketing Committee: Devon Watters

Marketing Committee: Andrea Yancone

Professional Development Committee: Amber Hoyt
Professional Development Committee: Jessica Mallon
Professional Development Committee Chair: Renee Milliken

Social Committee: Jane McGowan

Social Committee: Adam Petzold

The CONFERENCE PLANNING SUBCOMMITTEE organizes the annual RIT Young Professionals in Higher Education Conference. This involves identifying partners, sponsors and speakers, as well as coordinating event logistics. Members and volunteers are always welcome. Contact Kristi Mitchell if you are interested.